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Can Be Byte Function
Comparisons Class

Public Function CanBeByte( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

Determine if the argument can be converted to a Byte value.

    CanBeByte(34) = True
    CanBeByte(1234) = False
    CanBeByte(#12/31/95#) = False
    CanBeByte("1") = True
    CanBeByte("A word.") = False
See also:
    CByteIgnErr Function
    CanBeInteger Function
    CanBeLong Function
vValue: The argument which is checked to see if it can be converted to a Byte value. Function returns True if vValue contains a numeric value, a date, or a numeric string value which is within the range of values supported by the Byte data type. Function returns False otherwise, such as if vValue is out-of-range, Null, an error, or an object pointer.

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