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C Bool Ign Err Function
Convert Values Class

Public Function CBoolIgnErr( _
    ByVal vValue As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

"Convert To Boolean Ignore Errors"
Attempt to convert vValue to a Boolean value.
Return vValue as a Boolean value if the conversion was successful.
Return False if vValue could not be converted to a Boolean.

    CBoolIgnErr(34) = True
    CBoolIgnErr(0) = False
    CBoolIgnErr("1") = True
    CBoolIgnErr("0") = False
    CBoolIgnErr("Word") = False
See also:
    CanBeBoolean Function
    CBool Function (Visual Basic)
vValue: The value which will be converted to a Boolean and returned (if conversion is possible). Conversion is not possible if vValue is Null, an Error, an Object, or a non-numeric String. All non-zero numeric values are converted to True and numeric values of 0 (zero) are converted to False.

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