Entisoft Tools Port Module

Entisoft Tools 2.0 Object Library
Version 2.1 Build 208
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Declarations Section, estMsg Function, estErrorString Function, estEvalFor Function, estEvalIgnErr Function, estEvalNTimes Function, estEvalWrap Function, estGetChar Function, estGetLine Function, estMathOperationCoercionVerify Sub, estProfile Function, estSampleNTimes Sub, estTextWidthAndHeight Function, estShowMessage Sub, estTrueForEveryCharacter Function, estZZ Sub

Declarations Section
est Msg Function
estMsg = " (Message #" & vNumber & ")"
est Error String Function
Construct an error message string from the various built-in VB functions and constants.
est Eval For Function
Accepts a simplified For statement of the form "X 1 10 X+5" which would be interpreted as For X = 1 to 10 EvalFor = EvalFor & X & " " & X + 5.
est Eval Ign Err Function
Evaluate an expression, ignoring any errors. Note: There is a problem in that if the Eval function returns to user-written functions, any error checking setup before the Eval function is disabled.
est Eval N Times Function
Evaluate an expression N times. Return the time in seconds required to evaluate the expression the given number of times.
est Eval Wrap Function
est Get Char Function
est Get Line Function
est Math Operation Coercion Verify Sub
Illustrate the type of value returned from the built-in mathematical operations depending upon the types of the arguments. Using the CoerceToType function seems to cause some of the built-in operators to promote the arguments differently, at least in the case of exponentiation.
est Profile Function
Evaluates the expression for a period of time, then returns the average number of calls per second. See also the EvalNTimes and SampleNTimes functions. Note: Results are not indicative of the performance of functions when they are executed directly. Note: Results are only relative to calls to the Profile function with diffent arguments.
est Sample N Times Sub
Sample an expression N times. Evaluates the expression N times, writing the result of each call to debug window.
est Text Width And Height Function
Determine the real TextHeight and TextWidth of strings which have embedded Cr & Lf characters. Requires a Visual Basic form pointer. The current Font properties of the Form are used when determining the sizes.
est Show Message Sub
Write a message to the Debug Window as well as display it on the Excel Status Bar.
est True For Every Character Function
Applies a function which accepts an integer Character Code as an argument to the string, returning true if the applied function returns true for every line.
est ZZ Sub
Reset the Excel environment.

This Windows-based ActiveX DLL provides many useful routines through its function-bearing and data structure classes. Consult the Help file for more information, or call us at 1-310-472-3736. For the latest news and files, visit our home page on the World Wide Web: http://www.entisoft.com

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