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Complex String To Reals Function
Fix Ups Class

Public Function ComplexStringToReals( _
      ByRef rReal As Variant _
    , ByRef rImag As Variant _
    , ByVal vValue As Variant _
    , Optional ByVal vSupportStringDates As Variant _
    ) As Boolean

"Complex String To Real Numbers"
Convert either a real number or a complex number into a complex number.
This function considers complex numbers to be represented as strings of the form "R|I" where R is represents the numeric real part of the number and I represents the numeric imaginary part of the number.

       Dim varReal As Variant
       Dim varImag As Variant
    for example
       ComplexStringToReals(varReal, varImag, "-1|-2") = True
       varReal = -1
       varImag = -2
       ComplexStringToReals(varReal, varImag, 23) = True
       varReal = 23
       varImag = 0
See also:
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Summary: If Value is a complex number of the form "R|I" then rReal = R and rImag = I. If Value is a numeric value then rReal = R and rImag = Null. If Value is non-numeric then rReal = Null and rImag = Null.
rReal: Argument whose value is set to the real part of the number vValue.
rImag: Argument whose value is set to the imaginary part of the number vValue (if vValue represents a complex number). rImag is set to 0 (zero) if vValue does NOT represent a complex number.
vValue: The number whose real and imaginary parts are each returned via separate arguments.
Function returns True if vValue has a numeric interpretation. Function returns False if vValue is Null or could not be fixed up to a number.
vSupportStringDates: Determines whether the function should consider date strings to represent numbers. Set to True if the function should consider date strings like "4/5/96" to be numbers, or set to False to save time if the function should not have to deal with date strings.

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