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Minimum Function
Math Statistics Class

Public Function Minimum( _
    ParamArray vValues() As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Minimum of numeric arguments.

    Minimum(56, 12, 34) = 12
    Minimum(45, Array(12, 56, 78)) = 12
    Minimum(SampleData) = 95
See also:
    MinimumArray Function
    Maximum Function
    Range Function
    Small Function
    Quartile Function
    Percentile Function
    StatVarType Property
    MIN Function (Microsoft Excel)
    MINA Function (Microsoft Excel)
vValues: The arguments whose minimum value is to be returned. Can be numbers, one-dimensional numeric arrays, one-dimensional Variant arrays, one-dimensional Variant arrays with embedded arrays, or any combination of these. The current setting of the StatVarType Property determines which numeric data types are recognized by this function.
Return value: Function returns the minimum numeric value among all its arguments. Function returns Null if none of the arguments are numeric.
v1.5 Note: This function replaces the MinRealRecursive and MinRealRecursiveArray functions, which have been removed from ArrayArithmetic Class. This function is slightly different in that it examines all of the elements in the array from its lower bound through its upper bound.

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