Sort Orders Class

Entisoft Tools 2.0 Object Library
Version 2.1 Build 208
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Declarations Section, CharacterPositionsArray Function, IsStringSorted Function, IsStringSortedBinary Function, SortCharactersIndirect Function, SortOrderMatchingCharacters Function, SortOrderMatchingCharacterPairs Function, SortOrderNumbers Function, SortOrderString Function

Declarations Section
Character Positions Array Function
Turn the sort order string into an array where the element number represents the ASCII value of the character, and the value represents the character's sequence within the character set.
Is String Sorted Function
Return True if the characters in a string are in ascending sorted order when examined from left to right.
Is String Sorted Binary Function
Return True if the characters in a string are in ascending sorted order based upon their ASCII value.
Sort Characters Indirect Function
Performs an indirect sort of the characters within the string using a custom sort order. Takes a sort order like "FEDCBA" and a sort key like "ABCDEF" and sort data like "123456" and produces "654321". Result string will contain all of the characters from string vValue, NOT just the unique ones.
Sort Order Matching Characters Function
Creates a 256-character string containing either the minimum or maximum Asc(ii) value of each of the characters that have the same collating sequence.
Sort Order Matching Character Pairs Function
Returns a string containing pairs of characters which have the same sort order within a specified collating sequence. Characters that have a unique position within the collating sequence (most non-alphabetic characters) are not included in the result string.
Sort Order Numbers Function
Find the numbers of the valid sort orders/collating sequences and return them in a string.
Sort Order String Function
Produce a string which describes the sequence of each character in the specified sort order/collaring sequence.

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