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Frequency To Band Abbreviation Function
String Extras Class

Public Function FrequencyToBandAbbreviation( _
    ByVal vFreqInHz As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Returns an abbreviation for the name of the frequency band that describes a particular frequency.
The band abbreviations are "VLF", "LF", "MF", "VHF", "UHF", "SHF", and "EHF".

    FrequencyToBandAbbreviation(1070000) = "LF"
    FrequencyToBandAbbreviation(507.2125E6) = "UHF"
See also:
    FrequencyToBandNumber Function
    TelevisionFrequency Function
vFreqInHz: Frequency as measured in Hertz (cycles per second). Function returns Null if vFreqInHz is Null or cannot be fixed up to a number.

This function recognizes the following frequency band classifications:

    Abb. Name                     From Freq. - Thru. Freq.
    VLF  Very Low Frequency           30 Khz - 300 KHz
    LF   Low Frequency               300 KHz -   3 MHz
    MF   Medium Frequency              3 MHz -  30 MHz
    VHF  Very High Frequency          30 MHz - 300 MHz
    UHF  Ultra High Frequency        300 MHz -   3 GHz
    SHF  Super High Frequency          3 GHz -  30 GHz
    EHF  Extremely High Frequency     30 GHz - 300 GHz
Function returns Null if the FrequencyToBandNumber function cannot interpret the frequency vFreqInHz. Function returns an empty string if the frequency does not fall within one of those bands listed above. Otherwise, the function returns the 2 or 3 letter frequency band abbreviation.

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