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Hash String Fast Function
String Manipulations Class

Public Function HashStringFast( _
      ByRef vSymbol As String _
    , ByRef vPrimeNumber As Long _
    ) As Long

Return a hash value for the specified string.
Converts a string into a numeric identifier that is likely unique, given an appropriate value for vRangePrimeNumber.
"Fast" version of the HashString function which has restrictive argument types.
See the HashString function for details.

    HashStringFast("Hello", 4093) = 83
    HashStringFast("World", 4093) = 1445
See also:
    HashString Function
    HashTable Class
    PreviousPrime Function
    IsPrime Function
vValue: The string which is to be "hashed."

Return value: Function returns the hash value as a long-integer number (a Long).

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