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Rotate String Left Function
String Manipulations Class

Public Function RotateStringLeft( _
      ByVal vValue As Variant _
    , Optional ByVal vPositions As Variant _
    ) As Variant

Rotates the characters within a string to the left by vPositions, taking the first vPositions characters within the string and placing them at the end of the string.

    RotateStringLeft("123456789", 3) = "456789123"
    RotateStringLeft("123456789", 12) = "456789123" ' #2
    RotateStringLeft("123456789", -3) = "789123456" ' #3
See also:
    RotateStringRight Function
    RotateString Function
    ShiftStringLeft Function
    StringRotateLeft Function
vValue: The string whose characters are to be rotated to the left. Function returns Null if vValue is Null or cannot be fixed up to a String.

vPositions: The number of positions that each character is to be rotated. vPositions defaults to 1 (one) if it is missing or Null or cannot be fixed up to a number.

vPositions can be greater than the length of the string, as in example #2.

vPositions can be negative in which case the string is shifted to the right, as in example #3.

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