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General information about Entisoft Tools.
Copyright 1999 Entisoft

GETTING STARTED USING ENTISOFT TOOLS: To get started using Entisoft Tools within your programs, simply establish a Reference to the Entisoft Tools Object Library. In Visual Basic, for example, select the Project menu References command. Place a checkmark next to the "Entisoft Tools 2.0 Object Library" then press OK. It's that simple! The Entisoft Tools routines are now available for use within your program!

REVIEWING THE DOCUMENTATION: It is important to review the following Help File topics, especially the ReleaseNotesHelp Topic. Please review these topics by browsing this document (use the Next link in the World Wide Web HTML documentation).

BRANDING THE SOFTWARE with your name and serial numbers: (Registered Users Only) The first time that you use Entisoft Tools, it will prompt you to enter your registration information. If you are using the Shareware version, choose the Reset command the next time that the Entisoft Tools title screen appears. Branding the software will remove the "nag" screens and also generate the runtime key file. (If you happen to be using the Runtime version as part of some third-party program, then you must rename the ESTOOLS.RUN file so that Entisoft Tools will revert to its Shareware version.)

DISTRIBUTING ENTISOFT TOOLS with your programs: (Registered Users Only) The DistributionNotesHelp Topic describes how to distribute Entisoft Tools with your various projects. It describes how to distribute the ActiveX DLL for Standard Edition users, and how you can distribute the Source Code for Professional Edition users. Professional Edition users can use our new Entisoft SourceLinker program to extract just the Entisoft Tools source code used by your program. The Entisoft SourceLinker is installed as a Shortcut on your Entisoft Tools program menu.

UPGRADING ENTISOFT TOOLS: (Registered Users Only) For the latest news and information, please visit our World Wide Web site at http://www.entisoft.com or join our e-mail mailing list by sending a request to info@entisoft.com You can download product upgrades from our Web site. Minor revisions or "service packs" are free--they will continue to recognize your current registration information. Major upgrades will be priced at some fraction of your original purchase price. With your upgrade purchase, you will receive serial numbers that will "unlock" the new version Entisoft Tools.

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