Array Arithmetic Class

Entisoft Tools 1.5 Object Library
Version 1.5.10 Released 1999/08/03 06:51
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Declarations Section, AddValueToVariantMatrix Function, AddValueToVariantVector Function, ConstValueToVariantVector Function, LinearProgressionToVariantVector Function, MaxVariantVector Function, MinVariantVector Function, MultiplyVariantMatrixByValue Function, MultiplyVariantVectorByValue Function, RunningBalanceVariantVector Function

Declarations Section
Add Value To Variant Matrix Function
Add Value To Variant Vector Function
Const Value To Variant Vector Function
"Constant Value To Variant Vector Elements" Assign constant values to a range of elements within a pre-dimensioned variant vector. For example, assign 0& to A(1), A(2), ....
Linear Progression To Variant Vector Function
Like "For Element = vStart To vEnd Step vStep" with Elem stored in an array. See also the SortGenerateKeys function, which performs a simplified version of this.
Max Variant Vector Function
"Maximum Variant Vector Element"
Min Variant Vector Function
"Minimum Variant Vector Element"
Multiply Variant Matrix By Value Function
Multiply Variant Vector By Value Function
Running Balance Variant Vector Function
Convert a variant vector of numbers into an array with a running balance. A(1) = 3, A(2) = 4, A(3) = 2 would be turned into A(1) = 3, A(2) = 7, A(3) = 9

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