Codes Ciphers Class

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Declarations Section, CryptoAlphabet Property, BaudotEncode Function, BaudotEncodeSample Sub, BaudotDecode Function, BrailleEncode Function, CaesarCipher Function, CaesarCipherSample Sub, CaesarCipherTest Sub, MIMEDecode Function, MIMEEncode Function, MIMESample Sub, MorseCodeEncode Function, MorseCodeEncodeSample Sub, MorseCodeDecode Function, RemoveSomeCharacters Function, RemoveSomeVowels Function, RemoveVowels Function, ROT13 Function, TelephoneNumberLettersToDigits Function, UUDecode Function, UUDecodeSample Sub

Declarations Section
Crypto Alphabet Property
"Cryptographic Alphabet" Property whose Constant string value contains the characters form the alphabet used to illustrate many of the historical code and cipher functions.
Baudot Encode Function
Encodes a string using the Baudot machine-readable code.
Baudot Encode Sample Sub
Sample of the BaudotEncode function which illustrates the portion of the ANSI Windows character set that the Baudot code supports.
Baudot Decode Function
Converts a string from Baudot code into the corresponding ANSI Windows character string.
Braille Encode Function
Encode a string using the Braille code.
Caesar Cipher Function
Encode or decode a message using the Caesar Cipher.
Caesar Cipher Sample Sub
Sample calls to the CaesarCipher function.
Caesar Cipher Test Sub
Test of the CaesarCipher function.
MIME Decode Function
Decode a block of MIME encoded text.
MIME Encode Function
Encode a block of text using the MIME specification.
MIME Sample Sub
Test the MIMEEncode and MIMEDecode functions.
Morse Code Encode Function
Encode a string using Morse code.
Morse Code Encode Sample Sub
Print the characters which are supported with a Morse representation.
Morse Code Decode Function
Decode a string which contains Morse Code dots and dashes represented by period and hyphen characters.
Remove Some Characters Function
Randomly or systematically remove some of the characters from a string. vRemoveRatio should be between 0 and 1.
Remove Some Vowels Function
Removes some characters representing vowels from the words in a string.
Remove Vowels Function
Removes the characters representing vowels from a string.
ROT13 Function
"Rotate Thirteen" Translate a string according to the Internet ROT13 convention.
Telephone Number Letters To Digits Function
Converts a telephone number containing letters and numbers to the equivalent number-only string.
UU Decode Function
Decode a block of UU (UNIX-to-UNIX) encoded text.
UU Decode Sample Sub
Sample of the UUDecode function.

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