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MIME Decode Function
Codes Ciphers Class

Public Function MIMEDecode( _
      ByRef vstrIn As String _
    , ByRef rstrOut As String _
    ) As Boolean

Decode a block of MIME encoded text.

See the MIMESample Subroutine for an example of how to use this function.
See also:
    MIMEEncode Function
    MIMESample Subroutine
    UUDecode Function
vstrIn: String containing the MIME encoded text that is to be decoded.
rstrOut: String in which the decoded text will be placed.
Return value: Function returns True upon success and False upon failure.
v2.0 Addition: This function is new to this version of Entisoft Tools.

Copyright 1996-1999 Entisoft
Entisoft Tools is a trademark of Entisoft.