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Gamma Inverse Function
Math Probability Class

Public Function GammaInverse( _
      ByVal vProbability As Variant _
    , ByVal vAlpha As Variant _
    , Optional ByVal vBeta As Variant = 1# _
    ) As Variant

Inverse Gamma Cumulative Distribution Function

See also:
    GammaCDF Function
    GammaRandom Function
    GammaPDF Function
    Declarations Topic
    GAMMAINV Function (Microsoft Excel)
vProbability: Function returns Null if vProbability is not between 0 and 1 inclusive.
vAlpha: Function returns Null if vAlpha is less than or equal to zero (<=0).
vBeta: Function returns Null if vBeta is less than or equal to zero (<=0). Argument defaults to a value of one (1) if it is missing.

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