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Declarations Section
Math Probability Class

These functions perform probability calculations.
Some functions are also related to gaming (dealing cards, solving GoFigure puzzles, etc.).
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This Class contains the following statistical functions:
Probability Density Functions: BetaPDF, BinomialPDF, ChiSquarePDF, ExponentialPDF, FPDF, GammaPDF, GeometricPDF, GumbelPDF, HyperGeometricPDF, LogNormalPDF, NegativeBinomialPDF, NormalPDF, PoissonPDF, tPDF, and WeibullPDF.
Cumulative Distribution Functions: BetaCDF, BinomialCDF, ChiSquareCDF, ExponentialCDF, FCDF, GammaCDF, GeometricCDF, GumbelCDF, HyperGeometricCDF, LogNormalCDF, NegativeBinomialCDF, NormalCDF, PoissonCDF, tCDF, and WeibullCDF.
Inverse Cumulative Distribution Functions: BetaInverse, BinomialInverse, ChiSquareInverse, ExponentialInverse, FInverse, GammaInverse, GeometricInverse, GumbelInverse, HyperGeometricInverse, LogNormalInverse, NormalInverse, PoissonInverse, tInverse, and WeibullInverse.
Random Number Generation Functions: BetaRandom, BinomialRandom, ChiSquareRandom, ExponentialRandom, FRandom, GammaRandom, GeometricRandom, GumbelRandom, HyperGeometricRandom, LogNormalRandom, NormalRandom, PoissonRandom, tRandom, and WeibullRandom.
See also:
    MathStatistics Class
    RandomValues Class
    MathArithmetic Class
    MathReals Class
v1.5 Additions: Added several probability density functions (PDFs), cumulative distribution functions (CDFs), inverse cumulative distribution functions, and random number generation functions to this Class.

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