Math Trig Derived Class

Entisoft Tools 2.0 Object Library
Version 2.1 Build 208
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Declarations Section, Sec Function, Cosec Function, Cotan Function, Arcsin Function, Arccos Function, Arcsec Function, Arccosec Function, Arccotan Function, HSin Function, HCos Function, HTan Function, HSec Function, HCosec Function, HCotan Function, HArcsin Function, HArccos Function, HArctan Function, HArcsec Function, HArccosec Function, HArccotan Function, LogN Function

Declarations Section
Sec Function
Cosec Function
Cotan Function
Arcsin Function
"Inverse Sine"
Arccos Function
"Inverse Cosine"
Arcsec Function
"Inverse Secant"
Arccosec Function
"Inverse Cosecant"
Arccotan Function
"Inverse Cotangent"
H Sin Function
"Hyperbolic Sine"
H Cos Function
"Hyperbolic Cosine"
H Tan Function
"Hyperbolic Tangent"
H Sec Function
"Hyperbolic Secant"
H Cosec Function
"Hyperbolic Cosecant"
H Cotan Function
"Hyperbolic Cotangent"
H Arcsin Function
"Inverse Hyperbolic Sine"
H Arccos Function
"Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine"
H Arctan Function
"Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent"
H Arcsec Function
"Inverse Hyperbolic Secant"
H Arccosec Function
"Inverse Hyperbolic Cosecant"
H Arccotan Function
"Inverse Hyperbolic Cotangent"
Log N Function
"Logarithm to base N"

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