Spellings Class

Entisoft Tools 2.0 Object Library
Version 2.1 Build 208
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Declarations Section, BannerText Function, SpellCurrency Function, SpellCurrencySample Sub, SpellDirection Function, SpellNumber Function, SpellPhonetic Function, SpellPolice Function, SpellThreeDigitInteger Function, SpellTime Function, SpellTimeSample Sub

Declarations Section
Banner Text Function
Render a string in big block letters. Similar but incomplete version of the UNIX "banner" command.
Spell Currency Function
Accepts a number representing currency, and returns the value spelled-out in US English or UK English words.
Spell Currency Sample Sub
Samples the SpellCurrency function by writing a bunch of sample amounts into the Immediate Window.
Spell Direction Function
Spell the direction represented by a compass abbreviation such as "W" or "NE" or "SSE".
Spell Number Function
Spells out the DIGITS within any number. Does not spell the number in the same way the SpellCurrency function spells currency amounts.
Spell Phonetic Function
Spell a phrase using the international phonetic alphabet.
Spell Police Function
Spell a phrase using the police phonetic alphabet.
Spell Three Digit Integer Function
Spells a number between 0 and 999 using English words.
Spell Time Function
Spell the hour and minute components of a date-time value using English words.
Spell Time Sample Sub
Make several sample calls to the SpellTime function.

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